How to Craft the Karve ship in Valheim

Valheim Vikings can craft a Karve, which is a type of sailing ship. Here’s what materials are needed to create one, and how to obtain them in-game.

Valheim has let millions of players live out their Viking dreams in a vibrant open world. Whether it be hunting trolls or building impressive villages, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. This includes sailing across the ocean with friends. However, some boats perform better than others.

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Enter the Karve, a ship that sails way better than the standard raft. Not only does the Karve sail considerably faster, but it also has increased durability. This means that it’s more expensive to obtain, so this guide will show players how to craft one.

Crafting a Karve in Valheim

30 Fine Wood

  • As one might expect, fine wood can be obtained from trees, specifically the birch and oak trees growing in the plain and meadow biomes. However, striking down a tree normally will only yield regular wood. Players will need to procure a bronze axe, or axes of higher caliber, using a foundry. Only then can they obtain fine wood from these trees.

20 Resin

  • Next, Vikings will need to get their hands on some resin. It can also be found from birch trees, as well as the beech trees from the same meadow biome. Resin does not drop as consistently as wood, so players may need to farm several trees before they acquire enough. Alternatively, the Greydwarf enemies lurking in the black forest have a chance to drop resin as well, so the method of acquiring this resource can vary depending on the location. Birch and beech trees are the safest choice as they obviously do not try to kill the player.

10 Deer Hide

  • Deer are one of the many creatures inhabiting Valheim’s world. Native to the meadow biome, 10 of their hides are needed to create a Karve ship. While it is possible to find these hides in chests in other biomes, hunting deer is the most surefire and consistent way to obtain them.

80 Bronze Nails

  • Lastly, 80 bronze nails are needed to hold the fine wood together. These are the most difficult to create, requiring several steps. In case a player’s Viking village or colony already has bronze at their disposal, all they need to do is put four bronze ingots into a forge, as each one creates 20 bronze nails. Those without access to bronze will need to make their way to a black forest biome and mine tin and copper ore, as those materials, once smelted, can be used to create bronze ingots. So, to make enough bronze nails, players will need eight copper and four tin, as bronze is created using two copper and one tin.

Once all the material types are ready, the recipe for it will unlock. To craft it, players will need to place down a workbench and use it to create their new Karve ship. Now they’ll be ready to set sail across Valheim’s vast oceans!

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Valheim is available for PC.

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