Paras claims Paswan’s political successor, Chirag as legal heir | India News

NEW DELHI: Union food processing minister Pashupati Kumar Paras on Thursday escalated the face-off within the family to claim the legacy of his brother and LJP founder Ram Vilas Paswan while claiming that he is the “real political successor” of Paswan and Chirag can be the “heir” of his brother’s wealth as per Hindu Succession law.
Paras took charge of the ministry amid the ongoing controversy of Chirag challenging his uncle’s claim of leading the party in Lok Sabha. The Chirag led party has moved the Delhi High Court against the Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla to recognise Paras as the leader of LJP in the Lower House. Paras said it was not “legally correct” and asserted that in democracy the majority prevails.
Responding to a question from TOI how he was missing his political mentor and LJP founder, Paras said, “He was my brother and my ideal. Today I am sad that both my brothers are no more. I know many of you will come to Chirag. Let me tell you clearly that I am the real political successor of Paswanji. Chirag Paswan is definitely his son but he is not and cannot be his political successor. He definitely has a right on his father’s assets as per the Hindu Succession law.”
The fuel between “chaha and bhatija” had started soon after the death of Paswan last year and recently the party was vertically divided between Paras group and Chirag group. Both sides now claim to represent the party.
On being asked whether all options of reunion have now closed, Paras said he has asked Chirag to do “self-introspection” about his mistakes. “It’s not people but time, which is more powerful. Now it’s not the right time for any such reunion,” he said, indicating there is no immediate chance for any patch-up.
Paras recalled that Paswan had asked him to fight assembly election from Alauli, Khagria in 1977–78 and also Lok Sabha election from Hajipur constituency in Bihar in 2019. Both these seats were earlier represented by Paswan. He said he was elected as MLA eight times and was also a minister in the Bihar government.

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